Aug 14

World Health Organization Document Released regarding Vaping

In the fall of 2016 we stated many times over that many attacks against the vaping industry would come in 2017 legislative sessions across the country. We heard many tell us that some of our claims could never happen. Indoor smoking bans which would include vapor products, flavor bans, age restrictions of use, and higher taxes. But yet…..They Did.

Yet as the legislative sessions started taking place, those attacks came at a fast and furious pace across the country. But this attack did not start at a state level. It did not start at a federal level, it resonated from a location many could not see; let alone know was even occurring.

As we watched the document last fall released from the World Health Organization, we knew it was something that would be put into play and used against the industry. In recent days we have been dissecting it, and looking at how the COA (Coarse of Action) has played out throughout the country. Some have seen this document; while many have not even knew it existed. Keeping the article here brief, we want to point out a cue few facts of the document:

First, this ‘study’ was released to government agencies across the globe. Secondly, we noticed the data used to back the report was used by many ‘white label’ papers written in theory with minimal studies performed.

What we have noticed with the release was one major significant thing. The protocols suggested in the report appear to have been followed step by step at this point by agencies on not only a federal level, but state level as well. This is a very concerning matter for the industry. However I hope the release of the report here may help the industry, advocates, organizations look ahead to combat the next stages of the report.

Section 29 of the report should be noted, and read carefully. It contains the regulatory suggestions. I find it interesting that all paths of this section are being pursued currently.

Section 30, with all its subsections clearly show what may be coming next for the industry. My suggestion to all is simple. Get involved. If you do not know where to turn, start with your state organization that represents the vaping industry. The next wave of attacks on the industry are coming my friends, and they will not be pretty. In fact they will be even more damaging than what we have seen thus far.



W.H.O. Report-Official Use Only