Dec 25

What’s Next for the Vaping Industry in 2017?


After going through 2016, the vaping industry realized it was obvious; they had a target and were being gunned down like an innocent victim in a back alley in a big city full of bustling streets filled with people. While all the commotion was in the center stage for a Presidential election, nobody cared to give media coverage on state by state attacks by elected officials, as well as very little mention of the FDA’s fatal deeming regulations to the industry.

As the industry was subjected to massive tax hikes in the states; it was a bellowing cry by elected officials to make such a move ‘in the name of the children’. However any tax program will pick the weak and defenseless as a shield for their justifications. Many cited, that teen vaping rates were on the rise by an estimated 20 percent between 2014-2015. During their screams in legislative committee hearings, they neglected to state that teen smoking fell an average of 60 percent in that same period.

They also failed to use facts and data that’s in ample supply. In April 2016, The Royal College of Physicians released their report regarding vaping products and the fact they were a 95 percent less harmful solution to smoking tobacco products. All of this data was even ignored as the FDA proceeded to move forward in May 2016 to push their deeming regulations that will kill an industry that has turned nearly 9 million smokers away from carcinogenic tobacco to a less harmful alternative.


But given all these facts, the clocks can not be turned back at this point. So we must look at what is next on what can possibly be done. Upon recent election results, there is an entire shift of Presidential powers that is vowing to undo burdening regulations. This should be good news for the vaping industry. There is already talks in progress behind closed doors of a formation of a congressional committee that will go through each agencies’ policies and look at regulations that are not only burdensome to the livelihood of small business success, but also any intrusions against their constitutional rights.

This is something that should not be taken lightly, nor ignored. It may open the door to citizen response and actions. It is also customary that committees review any legal actions against these agencies unconstitutional acts by means of their regulations.  Given the vaping industry did not stand still when the deeming regulations dropped; there are plenty of legal cases on the docket at this point that clearly spell out these intrusions by the FDA.

So what exactly is the key to prompting a bridge to get from this point to the point of bringing congressional action? We must push all angles that are open at this point. Awareness needs to be pointed to HR2058 which is actively setting in congress for a vote. Another avenue will be to push and promote the lawsuits in play so their cases surface on a level that they get noticed.

While many scream that the sky is falling, let’s look at the solutions that can save an industry that has saved the lives of millions already. Perhaps we should ‘save the children’ by crying aloud that giving up smoking combustible cigarettes saves the lives of children, and vaping offers that solution. After all, what is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. Remember in the tenacious game of politics played by elected officials and agencies, the loudest voices with the clearest messages get the most attention.