Nov 07

Vape Shops Go All in to Support an Industry

This Article is About Standing for Something or Falling for Everything

We are Vapers

Sometimes we do not always get the news we want to hear. Sometimes there are days that look like they are hopeless. However, once in a blue moon, there is a ray of hope. The vaping industry is a lot like that as well. Right now the FDA deeming regulations are slowly choking an industry to death. So much so, that if the regs are not stopped, this industry will face its extinction and turn to black marketing by 2018 (which will drive prices through the roof).

I have traveled a lot, I have spoken to countless thousands of vapers during 2016. There are a few things in common with this industry as a whole. Vapers  want to know what they can do to help save the industry. Shop owners are worried about what they will do if the industry is shut down. Manufacturers worry about a PMTA process that is designed to fail them.

My friends, there is hope. This industry is a Consumer Created Solution to a Problem. Millions of smokers have turned from a life damaging and deadly habit to one that is truly 95 percent less harmful. Though some days, it looks dismal, we must remain tenacious in our fight to keep this industry alive. We have to adopt the mindset that we are not doing this for ourselves; however we are doing it for the 42 million smokers that still smoke in this country. We do it and fight to help others as we were helped.

In recent travels, I have been truly blessed to see this industry first hand and on the ground level. I have been allowed to witness, and in some cases, take part of the process from manufacturing as well as assisting customers in vape shops. When we get down in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it all, I can truly see why those who own shops and manufacturer love their jobs so much. It is so rewarding to see the looks on customers faces when they get their first mod or even try a new liquid.

I was most recently flattered by two shop owners that wanted to throw the gloves off in this fight that I have not seen to this point yet in the industry. Knowing their businesses could face extinction in as little as a year or two, their logic was simple. Instead of dumping money into advertising or other items that are normally given out to customers at no charge, they decided they wanted to put that money towards fighting the FDA and the Deeming Regulations.

I can say that I was not only shocked; but extremely humbled when they decided to get behind my lawsuit in their efforts. Both shop owners expressed even though they are small, they are willing to do this so that in the future there may be hopes that their businesses will survive. Now is the time to get behind something, whether it is my efforts or the countless other efforts out there. Now is the time for this industry to take a hard look at whether they want to fight loudly; or die quietly in the pages of the regulations that countless millions will never know existed.

I asked the logic behind the shop owners of why they were doing this and they stated this:

“This is my business that I built from the ground up. I am not a large company, nor am I rich. I was a professional in the white collar work force for many years, but owning this company gave me the freedoms that the burdensome corporate world would not allow me to have. I now have time to enjoy my family, enjoy life, and do something I truly believe in. Manufacturing e-liquids and creating flavors that have helped so many quit smoking and keep them from smoking is the biggest reward in itself and I refuse to go back to the rat trap of the corporate world of chaos.” -Cindi Kinch, Lady Boss Vapor


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The second owner was quoted as saying this:

“My husband and I were both smokers. When we quit smoking, we realized vaping was such an amazing thing we wanted to do more to help others. It wasn’t long after that in which we opened a shop and began the process of creating e-liquids. Before we knew it, we have a working shop and regular clientele. I can say the biggest joy of it all is seeing their faces when they come in to our shop. We do not know what we will do if this industry shuts down. So our logic is to stand behind this industry in a manner we see fit, and contribute and do our part so we can keep our doors open in years to come.” -Rachael & Tony Colosi, Sly Fox Vape Shop


Are we truly starting to see a movement by vape shop owners who want to fight for their industry? We can all agree what is being done to this industry has ulterior motives by the FDA. But these are our lives. These are the lives of real life people. After seeing this and being humbled by these two I am encouraging all shop owners to jump into this fight. It is a fight that if you want to survive, you must be a part of now. There are so many things you can get behind. There are multiple suits out there; many advocacy groups; and even a movie about this industry called “A Billion Lives” by Aaron Biebert which is being shown around countless cities across America right now.

My friends, you will never hear me tell you which avenue to take, as that would be a totalitarian and selfish frame of mind. I can only encourage you at this point to fight. To myself, I have no preference of any advocacy group or movement, but will simply say that you need to let your heart lead you in the direction in which you need to go.