May 22

The Vapers 5-22 Initiative

As many have heard the rumors of the 5-22 Initiative we have now seen it surface. Leading the charge as they did with the letter writing campaigns to Senator Johnson as well as several other elected officials, these groups online have once again banded together to take charge to raise public awareness about the attacks on the vaping Industry. Today a mass effort put forward by The Vaping Legion, Convicted Vapes, Mad Modder, Modfather Family, Strong Island Vapes, Long Island Vape Shop Reviews, VapeNJays. These are all groups that are not asking for vapers to empty their wallets, instead they are teaching vapers how to be more effective in standing up for their rights.


It is real simple Vapers. We have all seen the letter writing campaigns to elected officials. Now it your chance to get your voice out in the media as well. Below is the uploaded PDF of the letter to submit to your local newspaper, radio, or any media outlet in your area.


The Federal Government is Killing our Children