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Dec 12

Scott Wagner; A Win for Pennsylvania Vapers

Gubernatorial Candidate Vows to stand with the Vaping Industry in Pennsylvania   At a very recent event in the small town of Quakertown PA, something amazing was announced to those in attendance and those watching the live streams via social media outlets. In the few weeks leading up the the Vape shop event; we had …

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Oct 10

Do the FDA Vaping Deeming Regulations really protect the consumer or will they ensure rising health care costs?

FDA Deeming Regulations Smell of Big Pharma   There is certainly no song and dance in painting facts; nor will this article dance around an elaborated story. Simply the facts and truths will be laid out in black in white here:   Vaping is in fact 95 percent less harmful than smoking according to the …

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Jul 15

Elected Officials Charge Vape Shops to Fund their Pensions

Elected Officials Caught in Deception Taxation to Fund Pensions In the ever growing turmoil of the vaping industry, a trend is quickly growing. State officials in legislative bodies across the whole country have deemed the vaping industry a prime target. Over the last 18 months, the industry has seen such attacks stemming from a wide …

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