Aug 07

State Elected Officials Move to End Vaping

Why? Where? When? 

Those are the questions you are asking right now. Look around, and you will see something happening and it is VERY coordinated. Do you think it is just a coincidence that elected officials in different states are attacking the vaping industry in the exact same way? Absolutely not.


Over the past few years, there has been a massive attack on this level in the states and the Federal attacks are only a distraction to those things. How is it that taxes are going through? How is it that flavor bans are happening? How is it there are wholesale increases occurring? Or how is it that indoor smoking bans are occurring that include vaping?


National Lobbyists have been coordinating for years and are united in distribution to elected officials the painting of all the ‘gloom and doom’ and dangers of this industry to elected officials. Tons of medical reports and studies are being passed out in committees for them to read and reach their own conclusions to see how dangerous vaping is.


Unfortunately, all the studies are WRONG. Some are fabricated and twisted in a way they look believable. Others have been created through tests that are scientifically impossible with the products on this market. So WHY are elected officials being led to believe all of this?


Up to this point that has been no deemed ‘expert science’ for the positives of vaping that has been officially allowed in committee hearings or legislative drafting.  What if there was such a study? What if there was something allowed that would be a direct representation of how this industry has helped millions of smokers quit? What if we could prove flavors are important?


My friends, it is possible to do this. And you can even be a part of it.

I get asked all the time what vapers can do to help. Its real simple. And here is your checklist of what you can do:


**If you are a consumer, you need consumer guidance. Join Casaa Now! Not tomorrow, now. 


**If you are a business owner, find your state association and become a part of it today. (Consumers can also reach out to them as well and ask how you can help)

**Become part of the Formal Legislative Study to show how your health has possibly improved, why flavors are important, and how vaping helped you quit smoking.

CLICK HERE to participate in the legislative study now