Mar 30

Rep. Robert Aderholt; A man who understands

 Robert Aderholt-Can he be the right choice for vapers?

In the midst of troubling times for the vaping industry following the deeming regulations set forth by the FDA in August 2016; it is nice to see a refreshing voice coming out of Washington, D.C..  Congressman Robert Aderholt is that voice that may help shed public light on vaping industry with the new Trump Administration.

Last session, he was a strong and solid supporter of the Cole Bishop Amendment which would ease regulations against the industry. However, anybody who follows politics knows that individual appropriation bills are seldom taken up for a vote on the floor. Mr. Aderholt does bring something unique to the game however. His access to not only VP Mike Pence, but also President Trump.

Robert Aderholt

The congressman is not wet behind the ears when it comes to politics either. Below you can read his bio here:

In January 2017, Congressman Robert B. Aderholt was sworn in to serve his eleventh term representing Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District.

Aderholt is a member of the powerful House Committee on Appropriations, which has jurisdiction over funding the operation of the federal government. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Agriculture, he supports greater transparency, accountability and oversight to the appropriations process. Aderholt is also a member of the Commerce, Justice & Science Subcommittee and the Defense Subcommittee. An advocate of fiscal responsibility, truth in budgeting and a federal government that operates within its means, Aderholt brings common-sense solutions to the Committee.

Aderholt is also a member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (also known as the Helsinki Commission).  Founded in 1976, the Helsinki Commission is comprised of 56 countries around the world that together monitors human rights in Europe and Central Asia.

A staunch supporter of his community and the state of Alabama, Aderholt believes the federal government serves a critical role in assisting state and local projects and economic development. He continues to support pro-growth initiatives that create jobs, strong immigration standards, and robust national security. 

Prior to his election to Congress, Aderholt served as an aide to Governor Fob James and as a Municipal Judge in Haleyville, Alabama. Educated through Alabama’s public school system, Aderholt went on to graduate from Birmingham Southern College and from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. 

Born on July 22, 1965, and raised in Alabama, Aderholt and his wife, Caroline, reside in Haleyville with their daughter, Mary Elliott, and their son, Robert Hayes. When Congress is in session, his family joins him in Washington, D.C.

Robert Aderholt

The Congressman knows the value of business when he sees it. He realizes how the vaping industry is changing lives; as well as helping the economy as well.

In a very recent guest commentary with Joe Ferrell (owner of 2 vape shops and a manufacturing facility in Alabama) who submitted the article to the  Gadsden Times, Mr Aderholt was quoted as saying,

My only hope lies in the actions of the Trump administration and Congress to change the FDA’s regulations. If these unwarranted regulations are adopted, all vaping products that have been released since February 2007 — every product on the market today — would have to retroactively undergo a potentially multimillion-dollar approvals process.


As someone who has worked in public safety my whole life, I have seen first-hand the effects that smoking has had on countless Alabama residents. That is what has fueled my passion for helping smokers switch to a less harmful alternative. With these regulations looming, we must fight back. Without support from our Congress and President Trump, over 99 percent of the products on the vapor market will no longer be on shelves in August of 2018 due to the extravagant costs associated with the regulations.

For us, this is not a matter of wanting an industry that is without regulation. Regulations that are informed and attainable for small business owners are entirely possible and would be welcome. Putting a hold on the FDA’s current regulations would grant the vapor industry the time and opportunity to work with the FDA toward a new regulatory paradigm for vapor products that ensures basic standards, but clears the way for innovation.

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In the end of it all…..

The Vaping Industry has a very strong ally and friend with Congressman Aderholt who can not only appreciate the health aspects of what vaping does; but also  the economic impacts of shutting the industry down. I have come to appreciate his efforts for the industry and hope he will continue to stand up for an industry that has changed so many lives already.

Perhaps as vapers, everyone should take a minute to reach out and thank him for his efforts and standing up for the industry.