Fight the FDA



We the People


Over the last few months, I have seen the frustration grow by vapers on the deeming regs. Many have told me that they feel they do not even have a voice in the actions or the lawsuits against the FDA. That has been something that has weighed heavily on me; and bottom line in my opinion is I could only ask myself these questions. What if I were sitting on the sidelines and wanted to tell my story? Why can’t I do that? Why am I not allowed to voice and tell my story? Could a vaper’s story make a difference?


After working with my lawyer, and legal team, the answer was obvious. Vapers do have a voice. Those voices should be heard. So through careful thought, and guidance by my attorney, we are adding your story to our case file against the FDA. Some stories will even be used as sworn testimony and comparative evidence.


For years, my company/campaign slogan has always been, “Together, WE Can Make a Difference!”. I believe that as firmly today, as I ever have. ¬†Below we included a submission form for your story. We want to add YOUR story to our case file against the FDA. Since our lawsuit cited the health aspects/healthcare costs of shutting this industry down, your testimony is and can be cited as comparative evidence at this point. The information on the form does ask for some detail of you; however keep in mind, we are fighting on a professional level. Please make sure you feel out the form completely if you would like to submit your testimony today!