Feb 17

Federal Government orders the execution of Millions of Americans?

Those may have well been the headlines hitting every newspaper across America in May 2016 after the FDA pushed out their deeming regulations. The execution of an industry that has saved the lives of millions of smokers is being pushed to an extinction one step at a time. By doing such; millions of lives will be lost to the carcinogenic effects of combustible tobacco products. In the stroke of a pen, 9 million lives were immediately doomed with another estimated 42 million lives to follow their own execution trail.

Millions of Americans will never know the alternative of a less harmful solution commonly referred to as vaping. Those Americans will incur an agonizing and painful suffering ultimately leading to their deaths. No worries though; Big Government and Big Pharma will reap the rewards of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by each and every one of them for healthcare costs.

The execution though has not stopped there. State legislative bodies have been mounting attacks over the last few years against the industry as well. Increasing taxes on per mil bottles; increasing wholesale taxes; and even raising the vaping age from 18 to 21. All of these things are also done with efforts from outside political lobbyists as well. One would think that the American Cancer Society and American Lung Association would be on board with the industry since it is a documented 95 percent less harmful solution.

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However they have taken a stance against the industry as well. Why is this you would ask? The answer in itself is actually quite simple. Their platform for decades now has been against big tobacco. It has been the source of their funding and livelihood as well as paychecks and pensions. If they were to side with the vaping industry and help put an end to big tobacco in the next few years; there would be no further need for their organizations. So financially, it only makes sense for them to side against vaping to protect their own salaries and pensions.

But wait there’s more….

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Let’s go back to the politics of things. As we went through the 2016 elections, it seems there were a lot of promises made by politicians who stated that they would stand up for the industry and be proactive if they got elected. Therefore, the industry stood in full support of these individuals as they won their elections by getting an estimated 9 percent boost in their votes by the industry. The question remains; where have those promises gone? Calls to these individuals would be recommended to remind them of how they won their elections as well as their promises made to the industry. Accountability checking of elected officials should be an obligation by those in the industry at this point. But it isn’t anything out of the normal for elected officials to make promises they never intend to keep after their elections are won. Garnering votes has been a long since practice used to fool the masses to get the vote; and it works each and every time.

But wait, there’s even more…

Let’s look how the industry itself does some damaging things.

One of the main examples of damage comes from child appealing labels. Let’s be perfectly clear about this. Yes, while we all know this is an adult industry and we do not sell to minors, perception is one thing not thought clearly through. Some of these products have ended up in the hands of politicians and being told, “Look, these products clearly are made to entice children”. When that mentality is set in front of the elected officials, it cannot be defended or argued against. As the old saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words, so is the damaging effects of these items. Love or hate this fact, it is a stone cold truth of this industry. Some have even justified this and the IP theft as ‘parodies’, but simply put, it is not.

But wait, just when you thought there couldn’t be any more….

Let’s talk about the damaging effects within the industry itself. We have an amazing amount of advocates that have such a following of vapers in their groups, but it seems that more efforts are made at tearing each other down at times than there are at actual advocating. The rule should be simple here with this. Focus on the points and tasks at hand rather than wasting efforts to prop your own advocacy up while tearing other advocacy efforts down. If one advocacy group has the ability to help another promote something for just cause, it should be done without question. Unfortunately, banners and pride have at times stripped that away.

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In closing; a dooming execution of the industry is planned and all the players are at hand meticulously working to end a lifesaving industry. The question is…

How will you respond? Will you go quietly in the night like an unread page in the book, or will you stand and fight to protect an industry that has countless positives to it?

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