Aug 10

Exterminating Vapers Like Rats

Rat Vapers

When rats are exterminated; they can be eliminated by a variety of methods. Trapping, poisoning, and gassing the burrows. First you set traps to catch the most careless of them. They of course are executed quickly. Next poison is placed within the skirts of the colony where they are nesting. This is a slow and painful death typically reducing the numbers by 50-60 percent. The rats become sickened, lose their life will to survive and lay down to die. Others will react violently attacking other rats in the colony. Finally, once you’ve assimilated a mass amount of extermination, the final process of gassing the burrows begin. The first two methods are quite important as it kills off the numbers and leaves a lesser amount in the end to kill off. By doing such, you keep the stench and smell down, and very limited on being noticed by anyone.

In that painful analogy, (which I personally hate using rats for), let’s compare the method to the Vaping industry.

The deeming regs have been set in place. These are the trapping methods we see (from the analogy standpoint). Quickly they will go for the careless who fall into those traps. Whether those are builds, sampling, or underage sales, it will be the careless caught up in those snares.

Next look at how the poisoning method is going into play. By create panic and confusion, some will give up on their livelihood and die in this industry (shutting stores down). Others will begin to attack each other and create a detraction and fraction in this industry. At this point answers will become convoluted and unclear as to what is the right way and wrong way to conduct daily business. This will create arguments, and even subsequently lead to a breaking of morale and further business shutting their doors.

At this point, we will now see 50-60 percent of the Vaping industry gone when it reaches this stage. The final stage is gassing of the burrows. We can compare that process to the PMTA applications. Since it will be virtually impossible if not impossible period, to absorb and pay those fees for the process, without even a guarantee of approval, it could be the final extermination of an entire industry.

The question to ask is a simple one. Is the Vaping industry being exterminated like a burrow of rats? You my friends can decide that answer for yourself.

But all is not lost. While bureaucratically enforced, many aspects of that enforcement is unconstitutional on many levels. This can and is being challenged now in the judiciary process and with all that is happening perhaps there is one silver lining in the deeming regs actually going into effect on August 8th.

There are news reports covering what is going on and the effects of the regs on Vape shops. There is more media attention occurring on a daily basis. As Vapers stand up and continue speaking out, more facts and education are sure to follow. Up to this point, the media perception has painted the industry as one catering and enticing children; creating addiction; and causing public nuisance.

We as Vapers can now start stating the facts. 9 million people Vape in the United States. That is 9 million less smokers now that can die from the carcinogenic effects of combustible cigarettes. Vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking as stated by one of the worlds leading authority of health; The Royal College of Physicians. While there are claims of teen use of Vaping products has increased an estimated 30 percent by some reports, media fails to report that teen smoking rates have dropped by nearly 60 percent.

At the end of the story, we are not a burrow of rats my friends. We do not deserve to be exterminated. Instead we need to continue daily to fight, stand together, educate others as much as we can, and win what will be remembered as a historical battle to Fight for our Right to Vape.