Jul 15

Elected Officials Charge Vape Shops to Fund their Pensions

Elected Officials Caught in Deception Taxation to Fund Pensions In the ever growing turmoil of the vaping industry, a trend is quickly growing. State officials in legislative bodies across the whole country have deemed the vaping industry a prime target. Over the last 18 months, the industry has seen such attacks stemming from a wide …

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May 22

The Vapers 5-22 Initiative

As many have heard the rumors of the 5-22 Initiative we have now seen it surface. Leading the charge as they did with the letter writing campaigns to Senator Johnson as well as several other elected officials, these groups online have once again banded together to take charge to raise public awareness about the attacks …

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Mar 30

Rep. Robert Aderholt; A man who understands

┬áRobert Aderholt-Can he be the right choice for vapers? In the midst of troubling times for the vaping industry following the deeming regulations set forth by the FDA in August 2016; it is nice to see a refreshing voice coming out of Washington, D.C.. ┬áCongressman Robert Aderholt is that voice that may help shed public …

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Mar 03

Thank You!

This is our Thank You for being a part of the vaping community. As a consumer, I wish I personally thank each and every person in this community for choosing vaping over smoking. However this seems like a more appropriate thing to do today.  

Feb 17

Federal Government orders the execution of Millions of Americans?

Those may have well been the headlines hitting every newspaper across America in May 2016 after the FDA pushed out their deeming regulations. The execution of an industry that has saved the lives of millions of smokers is being pushed to an extinction one step at a time. By doing such; millions of lives will …

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Dec 25

What’s Next for the Vaping Industry in 2017?

  After going through 2016, the vaping industry realized it was obvious; they had a target and were being gunned down like an innocent victim in a back alley in a big city full of bustling streets filled with people. While all the commotion was in the center stage for a Presidential election, nobody cared …

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Nov 07

Vape Shops Go All in to Support an Industry

This Article is About Standing for Something or Falling for Everything Sometimes we do not always get the news we want to hear. Sometimes there are days that look like they are hopeless. However, once in a blue moon, there is a ray of hope. The vaping industry is a lot like that as well. …

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Oct 04

We Vape; and we Vote

We have all heard the stories; in fact we have all shared our story with others of how and why we started vaping. Yet we continue to fight bad media which paints a picture of how bad vaping can be for people. Why does the media flock over what it has not taken time to …

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Sep 15

FDA Deeming Regs- An End to Vaping; but will it also end Fast Food Fries?

Will the FDA Deeming Regs actually catch ‘dangerous addictive nicotine’ in its snare?   On May 10, 2016; the FDA dropped its deeming regulations against the Vaping Industry. Citing their main concern was the underage sales, they put forth a complicated process referred to as the PMTA process in which no manufacturer will be able …

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Aug 10

Exterminating Vapers Like Rats

When rats are exterminated; they can be eliminated by a variety of methods. Trapping, poisoning, and gassing the burrows. First you set traps to catch the most careless of them. They of course are executed quickly. Next poison is placed within the skirts of the colony where they are nesting. This is a slow and …

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