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Welcome to Advocate4Vaping. The vaping community has grown into millions of users, people who have chosen to leave combustible cigarettes. -Larry W. Faircloth


As this industry has grown, there has been much misconception about it painted by the media. It is the responsibility of each vape product user to help educate others to the facts. It is not hard to advocate for something you believe in. Your personal stories, your experiences, your health improvements are all testimony on your part.


In recent years, the vaping industry has come under attack through many avenues; some can be questioned as to their constitutionality. Most recently, the FDA set forth their deeming regulations that will be nothing short of an industry shutdown. I have not met a single shop owner, or manufacturer who can comply with regulations.


In short, I like many others wanted to do something. As an elected official, I have always stood by principle and I found it wrong on so many levels that these deeming regs could even be put in place. I am also a vaper with a story; one that I believe helped save my life. Vapor products also in fact keep me from going back to tobacco products. Therefore, I saw no other alternative than to take action myself against the over reach I felt was being dealt against the vaping industry by the FDA. In June, I filed suit against not only the FDA, but also Health and Human Services which is working in collaboration with the FDA. I do not believe this will be an easy fight, but I do not see it as an impossible fight. Below you will find ways you can help my fight. There are also other suits in place, and I encourage each of you that read this to get behind something now.


If you are as passionate about this industry as I am, get involved today. There are many advocacy groups out there that you can join, as well as getting behind the legal actions that are in place. If an entire industry gets together, to save an industry, I am confident that the industry can survive. We are all in this together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that must all fit together to make something that is picturesque.


Remember: Together, WE Can Make a Difference!


World Health Organization Document Released regarding Vaping

In the fall of 2016 we stated many times over that many attacks against the vaping industry would come in 2017 legislative sessions across the country. We heard many tell us that some of our claims could never happen. Indoor smoking bans which would include vapor products, flavor bans, age restrictions of use, and higher …

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vaping legislative study

State Elected Officials Move to End Vaping

Why? Where? When?  Those are the questions you are asking right now. Look around, and you will see something happening and it is VERY coordinated. Do you think it is just a coincidence that elected officials in different states are attacking the vaping industry in the exact same way? Absolutely not.   Over the past …

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